Tango Spleen in one of the orchestras at the top of the Tango music scenery.

Founded in 2008 in Italy by the Argentinian pianist, singer and composer Mariano Speranza, it is a reference in the Tango world for both interpretation and arrangement of classics and for own compositions. Tango Spleen Orquesta captivates and leads to the discovery of Tango not only as an inheritance of the past ma as well as a reality which is alive and evolving.

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Hundreds of concerts, festivals and shows have established the ensemble in over twenty countries from Italy to Argentina, from Europe to Kuwait, from Russia to USA.

As the only European ensemble invited in the thirty five editions of the Festival Nacional del Tango de La Falda (Argentina), Tango Spleen is surprising in the concert programs ((La Società dei Concerti di Milano, Valtidone Festival, Acquedotte Cremona, Suoni entro le Mura Treviso, La casa del Jazz Roma, De Doelen Theater Rotterdam, Rasa Theater Utrecht, Holstebro Festival) and brings emotions to the thousands of dancers from all over the world who dance to its music (festival internazionali di Tarbes, Toulouse, Torino, Edimburgo, Bordeaux, Trieste, Innsbruck, Flensburg, Aix les Bains…).


The ensemble has developed precious collaborations on the international music and dance scene, due to the artistic sensibility, the musicians high musical training and the brilliant arrangements by the director Mariano Speranza.

Since 2014, the world class tenor Marcelo Alvarez has chosen the orchestra for his Tango recital, unforgettable for the public of Novaya Opera Theatre in Moscow (Russia 2014) and for that of The Broad Stage Theatre in Santa Monica (USA 2017).

Tango Spleen also explores the fusion between Tnago and progressive rock in the collaboration with Bernardo Lanzetti (former singer of PFM) and the Acqua Fragile band. Within latin music, Tango Spleen has joined the singer songwriter Malena Muyala, platinum record winner and icon of Tango in Uruguay, for her Germany tour (2015).

Spleen è melancholy. It is the nostalgia that arises from the distance from the land of origin, from affections and traditions. Spleen is sadness and recognizing it, is missing it.
Spleen is not madness, it is awareness ... and it is also the strength that animates the authenticity of the expressive momentum from the sense of unbridgeable emptiness.
Spleen is the starting point and it is also the site of the vital stimulus from which the need to create arises.


Since 2015 the ensemble is on tour at the most prestigious Italian stages with “Romeo y Julieta Tango” and “Piazzolla Tango” (creations by L. Padovani, Compagnia Naturalis Labor); the over sixty replicas of “Tango de mi Buenos Aires” (2014 – 2021 Italy, France, Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine) were added to “Tango Desire” (Kuwait 2018), “Tango Macho” Los Hermanos Macana, “Tango una cuestión de amor” (Teatro No’hma direction by C. Owens), “Tango” (South Korea 2011, 2019). Tango Spleen has been invited for several consecutive seasons to the main theaters in Odessa and Kiev (Ukraine) and has recieved the priviledge to bring for the first time a Tango show to the public in Chisinau (Moldavia).