Milongas and Tango Festivals

Tango Spleen presents in Milongas and in Tango Festivals the best of the danceable repertoire which brought the ensemble at the focus of the international “milonguero” scenery.

The tracks list is carefully selected for each single performance and organized in coherent tandasin the best respect of the dynamic of the dance.

Cortinasalso are a significant element in the development of a milonga.

Tango Spleen features cortinasplayed live by Anna Palumbo, an internationally known percussionist.

With a completely innovative style for the milongas and the strength of African rhythms or southern Italian pizzica, an innovation which brings new air to the tandasof the orchestra and delivers little treasures of unexpected music.

“Clarity, virtuosity and passion are brand names of the orchestra. The musicians enchant with “a remarkably authentic tango sound“ and delicate arrangements”. – Tangodanza 4/2012

“Un amalgamiento instrumental y musical realmente magnífico”. – Radio La2x4, Buenos Aires 2015